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All of our Grow Back Together Trees for GBT Round 1 have now been planted! Stay tuned for more rounds coming your way soon...

Grow Back Together aims to breathe life back into the vacant tree pits of Lewisham — in locations where they are needed most.

Our project focuses on areas identified at high climate risk — those with lowest air quality, highest flood risk and lowest number of trees (canopy cover).

Grow Back Together is a street tree planting project run by Street Trees for Living, Greentalk and Lewisham Council and supported by the Mayor of London.

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Adopt a vacant tree pit & make a difference in your street
June 2024
Silver Maple is our Tree of the Month

Silver maples are so called because the undersides of their leaves appear silvery-white. In June, their leaves are fresh and fully-developed, and the trees look at their best, especially if there's a breeze causing them to flutter and show silver flashes.

Silver maple leaves otherwise resemble other common maples including Sycamore and Norway maple, so it is their undersides that distinguish them from these other common species. Another time to look out for them is late February to early March when they come into flower with red inflorescences that can be quite distinctive, but are not as eye-catching as a flowering cherry, so many people may not notice them.

They can become very large trees, so most street trees have been pollarded to maintain a manageeble shape and size.

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You can start your own list of favourites by liking vacant tree pits on the map, where you can also adopt vacant tree pits near you.
Target of 100 trees
To be planted by the end of 2023 through Grow Back Together
More than 2,000 trees
Already planted by Street Trees for Living in Lewisham
Over 100 locations
Available for residents to apply to become 'Tree Guardians'
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